ProxyToys is nothing without contributions from the user community. There are many ways to contribute. We are constantly working on the software and documentation, so it's a good idea to contact the team on the user or development mailing lists to avoid duplicating effort.


One of the traditional weak points of open source software is the documentation. Any help with this aspect of the project will be welcomed with open arms, or at the very least with open email clients!

The documentation is in plain HTML and held in Git


We are working on examples of using ProxyToys, but we can always do with more.

The examples are proper Java source files and held in Git

Feature Requests

If you want to request a new feature you can either make a request through the issue tracker or by sending a message to the development mailing list. The benefit of any new features will be discussed on the mailing list, so its a good idea to sign up so that you can make your voice heard.

Bug Reports

You can report bugs through the issue tracker (preferred) interface or the development mailing list. We love bug reports that include a failing unit test.

Bug Fixes

Better than issues in the bug tracker with failing unit tests, are issues with unit tests, and a fix. Bug fixes are best sent as patches that we can apply to the codebase. Remember to tell us which version the patch should be applied against if not the current trunk, or we could get very confused. To be accepted into the codebase, patches must be released under the same license as ProxyToys itself.

New Code

If you have a new feature request, then we'll listen extra hard if you show us how it works. A new feature might be best implemented as a patch to an existing class or as a new class. The ProxyToys API contains many extension points that allow new functionality to be integrated into the framework. We are rather strict about testing, so if you send us some code without any tests we will probably ask you to write the tests tests as well before we add it to the codebase.

Write Your Own ProxyToys Extension

If you have a project that builds upon ProxyToys, and are unwilling to donate, then we will be happy to announce your project on the ProxyToys site.

Become a Committer

Simply show some interest in bug fixes and submissions, we'll expand the core team easily.