For ProxyToys, we track and manage issues on GitHub's issue tracker.

GitHub Account

Before you can report, comment or vote for an issue you need an account in GitHub. This is necessary to reduce spam in the system and as benefit you can be notified if work is completed for the issues you report.


Please, before opening a new issue look through the open or resolved ones, you may already find your problem. Also do not use the system to ask questions, for that purpose we have a user list. We read the list continuously. If you are unsure whether the problem is caused by a bug or your usage of ProxyToys, use the user's list first. If we can confirm a bug, you may still open an issue. Also do not report on the list that you have created a new issue, we are already notified by the system.

If you like to contribute code, we prefer a patch/diff in contrast to the complete modified file - unless the file itself is new. Please provide also unit tests, ProxyToys has a high test coverage and we like to keep this way. Additionally, if you provide new files, please also add a header with the copyright. It must be a BSD license, simply take the header of any other file in the distribution as template. Otherwise we might not be able to add any code you donate.

Old Issues

ProxyToys was originally located at Codehaus and used their JIRA installation. With the shutdown of Codehaus we exported all old JIRA issues as static website for reference.