Apr 23, 2015 ProxyToys moved to GitHub

ProxyToys lost its traditionally home with the shutdown of Codehaus. The project is now hosted at GitHub and will use it's infrastructure for source code management, issue management, and hosting of the web site. Google Groups have been chosen as new home for the project's mailing list.

Thanks to Ben and Bob for providing the service at Codehaus for more than a decade.

May 13, 2010 ProxyToys 1.0 released

We are proud to present ProxyToys 1.0! Nearly 11 months after starting to re-engineer the last release for complete Java 5 support, ProxyToys is up-to-date with the current Java technology again, contains new toys for asynchronous and privileged execution and uses a modern build environment again.

For complete Java 5 support we had to break compatibility with older versions, but the usage pattern is different with the new builders anyway.

View the complete change log and download it.

Jun 29, 2009 Welcome Paul Hammant as new committer

Paul expressed his interest in advancing ProxyToys to the next level: Java 5 support, builder patterns and update the build environment to Maven 2. Something we had on our list for years. He also managed to bring in the two Thoughtworkers Juan Li and Tianshuo Deng for a limited time to do some of the tedious work. Welcome!

Sep 28, 2005 ProxyToys improves Quality Assurance

ProxyToys uses now the Beetlejuice continuous integration platform to ensure code quality in the Subversion repository. With the Beetlejuice installation at Codehaus every developer can quite immediately see, if his changes affect the build of ProxyToys badly. Additionally the website has now a report for the unit tests. Both topics are linked in the menu of the project.

Sep 5, 2005 ProxyToys 0.2.1 released

Announcement of the ProxyToys 0.2.1. The delegating toy had unfortunately a different delegation mode as default that could not be changed if also a specific ProxyFactory implementation was used. This has been corrected and caused this maintenance release.

Sep 4, 2005 ProxyToys 0.2 released

We proudly present our new release 0.2 of ProxyToys. ProxyToys delivers two intercheangable Proxy factory implementations based on JDK and CGLIB. It contains several solutions (toys) for standard use cases:

View the complete change log and download it.

Aug 8, 2005 ProxyToys Website Relaunch

New website of ProxyToys as preparation for next release 0.2. See documentation and resources:

We provide with this relaunch also the ProxyToys 0.2 release candidate 1. Download it.

Jun 5, 2004 ProxyToys 0.1 released

Initial release of ProxyToys. Contains Proxy Factory implementation based on JDK 1.3 proxies or on CGLIB 2.0. Following special proxies are additionally deliviered:

Download it.